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an annual festival of theatre for Croydon
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2-18 NOV 23

Check out our most ambitious programme yet, featuring new and returning artists including some big names, and as usual a host of local artists who demonstrate how culturally rich we are in Croydon.

Aaron B



Croydonites is a festival of theatre and performance. Our mission is to showcase local theatre-makers, and bring some of the best contemporary performance work from around the UK to Croydon doorsteps.



If you are a local theatre-maker, get in touch! We also run projects for aspiring critics as well as offering opportunities for audience members and the general public.



We started in 2015 and have presented five live editions and one digital extravaganza during the Covid years. See what we’ve got up to here...


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Photos from top: carousel images by Sheila Burnett, Tom Dachs, The Other Richard, Lucian Koncz, Christa Holka/Anna Fernandez, Chris Nash MBE, Glenn Foster and Matt Austin; ‘What’s On’ by Lukasz Izdebski; ‘About Us’ by Christa Holka; ‘Get Involved’ and ‘Our Archive’ by Fluid4Sight.

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