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Croydonites Festival is committed to ensuring that its website and events are accessible to the widest possible number of people including artists, audiences, production staff and collaborators.


Artists, production staff and collaborators:

  • To provide as much information as possible about working environments

  • Offer advice on accessible local transport and parking


Performance Venues:

  • Strive to offer affordable pricing structures including special offers and tickets deal

  • Offer clear and up to date information about accessibility options

  • Offer advice on accessible local transport and parking

  • Ensure that spaces are clearly signposted with information points and toilets that are easy to locate



  • To use readable fonts over 18pt for all key copy

  • Avoid underlining and italics 

  • Use bold for emphasis

  • Avoid text in uppercase/capital letters for body copy

  • For headings, use a font size that is at least 20% larger than the normal text

  • Add extra space around headings and between paragraphs.

  • Ensure hyperlinks look different from headings and normal text.

  • Use single colour backgrounds. Avoid background patterns or pictures and distracting surrounds.

  • Use sufficient contrast levels between background and text adhering to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 

  • Ensure all colours and fonts are tested for accessibility and pass at least the WCAG AA rating, using


Croydonites Festival is committed to reviewing the policy annually.


Date Reviewed: September 2023

Next Review Date: September 2024


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