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One of Croydonites key missions is to offer opportunities to local artists to showcase their work. If you live and work in Croydon please get in touch. 


If you are starting out you might be interested in our programme for short works - CroydonBites. It’s an opportunity to try out an idea or share something with an audience for the first time. We’ll even pay you a small fee.


Each year we also commission local artists to make longer works. In 2023 we’re commissioning 4 artists that took part in CroydonBites last year as well as investing in established local artists.


Of course, we also present work from around the UK and beyond. Over the years we’ve welcomed many high profile artists into our main programme. Send us your information, especially opportunities to see the work live.


Photos from top: Kate O’Donnell by Vipul Sangoi, Audience shot by Fluid4Sight

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