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Croytopia is the brainchild of Richard DeDomenici and Jess Mabel Jones. It's a new kind of video project where you not only create the content, but you are the content!

You are invited to recount on camera important and interesting personal facts and memories, triggered by specific locations in Croydon. These will be uploaded to an interactive map and become part of an exhibition at Turf Projects from 4-18 November.


However, the map will live on after the exhibition and we’ll keep adding your videos, so it will become an important local resource, housing memories and local history. Make sure you add your voice!


Find out more here: and send your videos to


‘Jess Mabel Jones makes you look at the world in a different way. Remarkable.’ The Independent

​‘DeDomenici is one of the most intellectually gifted, imaginative and dedicated performance artists in the UK today.’ The Scotsman



In the past few years Croydonites has started collaborating with Meridian High School in New Addington. We took acclaimed physical theatre company The Pappy Show there to work with the young people and it was a resounding success. In 2023 the project has developed and the company will undertake a series of intensive workshops with the students resulting in a short work. This will be performed as part of the festival supporting a local company. 


We are offering performance opportunities to young people from the Legacy Youth Zone who will present two short works choreographed by local artist Aaron Baksh.


We are delighted to work with both Meridian High and Legacy engaging young people in arts activity and plan to continue work into the future.

Image by Vince Fleming


Photo Credits: Main image/Suncan Stone, Audience street shot/Fluid4Sight

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