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Sat 11 Nov / 7pm

The Front Room / £15/£10

Suitable for 14+

CroydonBites is a programme for local artists with short works, some of them making their debut performances.

Randolph Matthews & Katie Rose / Across the Lines

Across the Lines is an immersive artistic journey by vocal artists Randolph Matthews and Katie Rose, exploring the hope and challenges of human connection. This multi-layered performance piece challenges barriers, encourages empathy, and prompts reflection, aiming to cross the lines to a more compassionate society. Join us on this transformative voyage into the heart of humanity.

Chardine Makaveli-Singh / A Cronx Tale - Stefans Story

A Cronx Tale is a short, animated film about the dangers of getting involved in gangs, street crime and county lines. Through animation it looks at how actions have consequences, and using a mixture of reality and fiction, its aim is to leave an impact and create positive change. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the films creator.

Nathan Brown-Bennett / Cancelled!!! 

What do Birds, Dirt, War and Blackness have in common? Find out from 21 year old cyber security student and passionate Spoken Word artist, Nafe. Presenting a collection of pieces touching racism, culture and mental health in what he calls ‘Cancelled!!!’ including new pieces performed for the first time.

Off the Cuff Theatrical Productions / The Immigration Office

Find out how British you really are and what happens when the patron Saint of England tries to enter the country that claims him as their own. A comic exploration of our current immigration system and the various myths of national identity.


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