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Our critical writing programme CroydonWrites has been running alongside the festival programme since 2017. It’s not an original idea, but it is a very good one! 


Thanks to its originator John Ashford, who came up with Resolution Review, on which CroydonWrites is gratefully appropriated.


It’s for aspiring writers and critics who want to develop their skills. We offer an introductory workshop in reviewing, a selection of free tickets to the shows and mentoring from our two experienced journalists Franscesca Peschier (The Stage, Exeunt) and Sanjoy Roy (The Guardian, Springback Magazine).


Your work gets edited and then published on the Croydonites website, so our artists also get a review. It’s a win-win situation…


If this is for you, then please send an example of your writing to by 16 October 2023. It could be a review, a letter or something you wrote for an exam but please try and keep it under 250 words. Then put the date of 28 October in your diary for the workshop (in case you get selected). We’ll take up to 10 writers.

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel
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