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Review: In Bed With My Brother / Trollied

The three performers make a memorable entrance with one zipped up in a bag rolling through the audience. They’re topless in blue shorts wearing orange plastic bags over their heads, slightly torn so they can breath but I can feel the suffocation already.

There are DJ decks set up, loud music thumping and a screen projected with supermarket imagery and a recognisable voice being played on repeat, “unexpected item in bagging area.”

They are clearly sending us a message, that under no circumstance will they conform to what is expected of ‘live performance’. This attitude drives throughout the 60 minutes of techno beats pounding, flashing lights and tits flying.

The main theme is supermarket consumerism and the hatred they have for buying into it, especially with the super baddies, Sainsbury’s!

It’s a middle finger up to Simon Roberts, Sainsbury’s CEO, and any other corporate greedy giant who think they can take on this tour de force.

Narrative was minimal but the moments where they did take the opportunity to scream into the microphone like, “Getting fucked so hard by a corporate priest”, only added to the layers of anarchy.

This is no ordinary show. A queer utopia is created, a space beyond imagination where anything is possible, naked bodies, raving, community, limitless cranberry juice and pound coins being shoved up naked bums whilst asses are moving unnaturally to fast beats and intensifying flashing lights.

The name of this act In Bed With My Brother Trollied is controversial just like the show. These three fearless performers create a chaotic, radical performance that has you hooked from the beginning, although I would say that this performance is not for the faint hearted.

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