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Review: Sh!t Theatre / Or What's Left of Us

Rebecca and Louise, the duo that makes up Sh!t Theatre, are walking around the audience with beaming smiles on their faces, asking people if they would like to sing a song at the pub after the show – an unusual invite that already makes you feel instantly welcomed.

They are dressed up in tree camouflage, with plastic reindeer antlers and eyeliner smudged on their faces. There are guitars laid out on the stage, a violin, and steel mugs filled with milk.

Finally the show begins and the duo starts singing us an acapella song. Their beautifully imperfect harmonies grab the attention of the room within seconds.

The narrative is unclear at first as they lead us through warm, comical storytelling and heartfelt folk songs, but the dots start to connect as we get pulled through sudden interrupted scene changes of a distressing voice crying through the speakers. In another dark interlude, the film Midsommar is projected, showing the character Dani sobbing in hysterical pain. Rebecca and Louise then switch back into their carefree selves, telling stories and singing songs – a surreal contrast of emotions. These carefully planted moments of sorrow become increasingly visible, and only add to the layers of curiosity.

This folk revival performance (as they pitched it to us) feels like a representation of community, a sense of belonging and reflection on one’s personal or cultural experiences. In this case, it seems grief is pulling at the heartstrings.

Their performance was brave and vulnerable but masked with lightness through the art of music and storytelling, which created a hidden depth right up until the end.

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